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– HD MenPOV – Workout session turns into hot sex (6 min)

” Liza stuck her face out and closed her eyes, just as I creamed all over her face and hair, You two are fresh meat, boys will do anything to get you….

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– HD MenPOV – Workout session turns into hot sex (6 min) Studs

The day which mother and son anticipated is today, as usually Ramegowda asked rathode to drop him in railway station, vijaya says good bye to her husband ,rathode and his father went railway station and rathode sent him with a smile as train started to move rathode had a lusty and curious smile in his face and he took his bike went to home as fast as he can where his mother waiting for him in their bed,

A month as passed again the date is coming nearer to vijaya ,they behaved like normal son and mother but they want each other so badly again at the same date ramegowda goes to see her daughter buy this time he ask her wife to come with him but she denied and tell him that she as lot of work to do in her office (i forgot to mention before she works in canara bank)

As usual rathode drops his father when he comes home his mother is not in hall he enters master bedroom the same old bed which they fucked like wild animals one month back ,as he enters his mom is already in bed lying naked

He suddenly got hard on and jumped to bed she grabbed her son and they quickly did there first time ,when they start again rathode asks mom can I press your boobs

Vijaya- yes my son its all yours

Rathode happy that is mon as agreed and he like the changes in her ,he grabs her melons and started fuck her like pro ,the sound of flesh touching each other plop plop……Is all over the house and again rathode asks that

Rathode- mom can I kiss u

Vijaya- stupid do whatever ,i decided to enjoy completely

Rathode- mom r u shore

Vijaya – yes my son we are having sez then why can’t we enjoy the sex thoroughly come son take to heaven

Rathode started to fuck is mom holding her bobs and giving a french kiss that lasted for 10 min

After there second session

Vijaya- ur dick is twice then your father and thicker to

First time his mom talking with him about his cock

Rathode- thanks mom your boobs also so good they r so amazing

Vijaya- you naughty you already get hard on again come fuck me again

Rathode take her mom in missionary position and the sound of ha uff hmm comes from there room

Now both the mom son taken off every barrier they had got now no one is there to stop them

Again the three days of huge fucking starts this time they came outside the room only for food ,even they bath jointly

Making adult jokes fucking eating,fucking eating,fucking eating is the only thing they did

They both taken leave from collage and bank so that they can fuck when they were middle of the fuck ramegowda calls they took the phone and started to while they fucking

Ramegowda – how are you son

Rathode – fine dad

Ramegowda- i’ll come back soon take care of your mother

Rathode- as dad I am taking good care of her

Suddenly a loud moan as left from vijaya

Ramegowda- what happened son

Rathode- nothing dad mom felled down that’s all

Ramegoeda- give her a phone

Vijaya- what honey

Ramegowda- what happened

Vijiya- nothing I felled down our son is outing ointment over there

Rathode is licking vijayas pussy he us ointmenting her pussy

Ramegowda- then he is taking care of u so much

Vijaya- yes he takes care more than you

Ramegowda- ok i’ll call you later bye

As they put phone aside they again started to fuck like wild animals in heat

Again the three days of glory comes to an end but both mom son not ready to leave each other but they have to

Same as like ramegowda calls rathode ,rathode picks him and normal life carries on

Both mom and son are eagerly waiting for next month to come but the fate written is something different this time ramegowda refused to go as he tired of going every month

Both mother son got tensed as their way to happiness is closed ,this is there third month but they don’t know how to accomplish there goal ,a goal which mother and son had is to fuck like wild animals continuously 3 days

They know that soon vijaya will got her sensation if she got she will never bear it all she needed is a wild fuck

Suddenly vijayas mother calls to her daughter and asks her about the life she is experiencing

Vijaya express her every feeling and she is so happy that she getting fully fulfilled by her son and she never had such a thrill and pleasure in her entire life

Rangamma- then u already started your this month turn haaa ( smiling teasingly)

Vijaya- no mother this time I don’t know what happens but I needed badly

Rangamma- what happened my girl

Vijaya- mom my husband is no going to see my daughter this time ,u know when I get sensation I can’t control so I am so worry about this

Rangamma- hoo this is so bad

Vijaya- so I thought of getting with my husband itself but he is not good as my son more importantly he can’t satisfy me 3 days continuously ,and he will get suspicious that his wife never be this much horny in his life time

Rangamma- don’t even think about doing with your husband ,he is waste doing with the son gives immense pleasure , only a son can satisfies mom , the perfect pair for a woman in all this world is her son

Vijaya- if I can’t do with my husband then the only option is getting kill my self

Rangamma- no by girl I have a very good idea

Vijaya- what’s that mom please tell me

Rangamma-so desperate to hear huh

Vijaya- mom please

Rangamma- ok I’ll say your husband that we have festival in our village and so for the preparation I need vijaya ,you take rathode with u and come here I’ll arrange every thing for you two here you can fuck whole day and night here

Vijaya- (blushingly) mom is it going to happens

Rangamma- yes my child give the receiver to rathode

Vijaya- ok

Rathode- yes grandmaa

Rangamma- come with ur mom u will going to surely enjoy this

Rathode- yes grandmaa sure I’ll I too need it

Rangamma- hoo then u like to be with your mother

Rathode- yes grandmaa

Rangamma- I always need my girl to happy ,take her good care

Rathode- surly grandmaa

Rangamma calls her son in law tells him to send vijaya , but ramegowda also wants to come with them

Both mother and son become so sad that her husband is also coming with her ,but suddenly phone start to gets ringing ramegowda attends the call

It’s the call form his collage that heas attend the board meeting so ramegowda chose to remain there only

Now there is no limit for both mother and son happiness they bent there bedrooms and start jumps in there rooms

Both vijaya and rathode are so happy to go their native village to achieve their ultimate satisfaction

Vijaya starts to pack their laugage, as you all know that village name is kamanahalli it is a beautiful village with lots of greenery , its is typical south indian style of village ,rangamma had their own big house and big court yard ,and they also have very big amount of farm land and a cattle’s hut behind their house

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Date: December 22, 2021