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Wan and I moved close together and embraced Vixen – [Cherry Pimps. Soon the cum began to rise in my cock and the head of it seem to expand, and I continued to pump my cock in and out of his mouth
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Students Amateur Gfs – Dagfs – His New Girlfriend Is Always Down To Fuck (10 min)

It wasn’t a split second later and my shirt was over my head and tossed aside,

He didn’t knock; he didn’t feel the need anymore….

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Once the men were all done with me jo-jo got on me and pressed her asshole on my mouth so I could lick and eat her ass out, one guy even got on the bed and fucked her as I was eating her ass he shot his load on my face, …they let me up and told me to get dressed, again no undies or bra, they walked us out to jo-jo’s car, before I could get in one guy pushed me down to my knees and pulled his cock out, he forced me to suck it until he shot his load on my face, and in my mouth, I was forced to suck all their cocks until my face was covered in cum, it was dripping down on my shirt, they helped me up and bent me over the hood, jo-jo pulled my skirt up and said see I told you her fat white cunt was ready to be gang banged each of the guys slapped my ass hard and told me goodbye, jo-jo took me home and as I was getting out of the car she handed me my bag full of the new undies I had bought and the money the guys paid for me, she asked if I had enjoyed my weekend, I leaned to her and gave her a long French kiss and told her yes I loved it

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